H.L.F. s.r.o.
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Company H.L.F. Ltd. is manufacturing company from Czech Republic. Year of foundation is 1996. Business activities are taked for customers from automotive and electrotechnical industry, 100% ownership is czech capital.

Three private owners:
Mgr. Iva Vrbová
JUDr. Vítězslav Látaník
Stanislav Řehák.

Product range contain:
switches, rocker switches, push buttons, signal lamp, terminals - connectors, housings, wire harnesses, assembly modules, cold forming, cutting operation, mechanical pressed parts, turned parts, spark Ag contacts, tool - making etc.

Quality management system is established and maintained according to EN ISO 9001:2008.

New production area received acceptace certificate - April 2005 (760 m2).

Basic Capital: 25,0 mCZK  
  1,04 mUSD  
  0,83 mEUR  
Number of employees: 47  
Production area: 3.200 m2