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Dveřní spínače
Door switches  
Description: Switch are made from plastic, at switch type C is body from brass. Contacts element are from brass. Conection conductor on flat pin of switch made with relevant receptables according to type switch. They are stretching push-button switch with possibility detent in off position at type switch A and B.
  Receptacles can be order separately.
Max. current load: 2A / 24V, type C - 1A / 12V
order No. name pin size typ
443 854 015 040 push-button breaker 5,45 A
443 854 178 040 push-button breaker 6,3 A
order No. name pin size typ
443 854 056 040 push-button breaker 5,45 B
443 854 215 040 push-button breaker 6,3 B
order No. name pin size typ
443 854 199 000 doors switch 6,3 C
Switch controllight manual brake
Description: Body is from brass, button is from plastic. Switch is identically conception with door switch type C, differ only longer button.
Max. current load: 1A / 24V
order No. name pin size
443 854 210 000 switch controllight manual brake 6,3